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Thursday, April 22, 2010

eGreen Tips: 20 Things to Do Even After Earth Day

Here are some tips we posted on Twitter this morning and more will be added as the day continues:
  1. Just say NO to meat today! (cattle industry being one of our biggest polluters).
  2. Use your own reusable container for water or coffee today (maybe make this a habit).
  3. Do some spring cleaning and donate your old items to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.
  4. Get those recycle bins out and fill them with all the items from your trash you can possibly recycle (look up your local recycling rules for more info).
  5. Watch a documentary that is educating you and your family on the environmental issues.
  6. Go to a local Earth Day event, many cities have them even this weekend.
  7. Say lights out today and pull out the candles
  8. Plant trees and or a garden
  9. Go shopping at a reuse store to get what you need for summer
  10. Read you local government policies on recycling and see how you can improve them
  11. See how much you can reduce your garbage find ways to reuse and recycle
  12. Go to the Farmers Market for your groceries
  13. Save a flush on that toilet.
  14. Don't let the water run wastefully.
  15. Turn off the AC and wear lighter clothes.
  16. Hang your laundry to dry.
  17. Walk or bike instead of drive.
  18. Try some eco-friendly products like Seventh Generation for your cleaning and laundry.
  19. Change your paper napkins to cloth ones (found 25 pack ones at Sam's Club)
  20. Don't use the paper towel grab a towel or rag instead
Don't forget to submit those ways you are celebrating Earth Day to win an amazon gift certificate!

Thank you for loving God's creation!

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