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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

eGreen Tips: Getting off the Bottle

Speaking from a connoisseur of bottled water and turning up my nose at even the thought of drinking from the tap I have to say this was a very challenging change for me. Water bottles fill our landfills and our recycling centers. Recycling plastic releases harmful toxins. So skip the section of the water in the grocery aisle and try one of these alternatives and take the water from the tap:
  • Buy reusable bottles from the store
  • Save a glass bottle from going to the landfills (I saved a few glass bottles that I just reuse with tap water)
If you don't like the taste from the taste of your tap water invest in a water filtration system. Read about the different options out there for home water filtration systems. I personally add a lil cranberry juice to my water to offset the flavor of the tap water. What do you do to get off the bottle?

1 comment:

  1. Great post! I have always liked tap water and this is encouraging me to want to drink it more and consume less bottled water.