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Friday, April 16, 2010

Ideas to Celebrate Earth Day Giveaway ...

We are giving away a $20 Gift Certificate in honor of Earth Day. Here are the rules to qualify:
  • All entries must be submitted by Friday April 23rd, 2010 at 10pm EST.
  • Retweet or Tweet the following: @Experiencegreen Earth Day Giveaway - win a $20 GC, #change #green #earthday
  • You must be a follower on the experiencegreen twitter page.
  • You will get an additional entry if you are a fan on our Facebook page too.
  • Post below an idea to celebrate earth day (or you can post on our Facebook page.)
  • We will pick only one winner on Friday, it will be announced on Twitter, Facebook, and our blog.
Thank you for your entries ... Reduce Reuse Recycle ... make it a habit one step at a time!


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  3. To celebrate Earth day, try planting flowers, getting together with friends to pick up litter, and at at night try having a "no electricity" hour or two with your family. Turn off the lights, bond through talking, light candles, and make s'mores by candlight! :)

    shevilkenevil1 at aol dot com

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    - My Earth Day idea involves using public transit! If you drive your car to work, why not try out the public transit for Earth Day? It's reliable and hey, you save gas! Yay! :D

    Amazing giveaway! Thank you so much for even having a giveaway like this!

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    "To celebrate Earth Day we are spending the entire day outdoors starting with attending our local Farmers Market, pickup of FREE compost for our garden (thank you City of TC!), planting a couple of fruit trees in our yard, and getting our seeds started in starter trays. We will end the day with a BBQ outdoors to relax and chill and take in and enjoy the beauty we have right around us." Happy Earth Day everyone!! "B the E" :)))

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    Jill Bishop Hayes Using metallic water bottle to drink all fluids

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  10. Celebrate Earth Day by recycling paper & making fun origami :D
    I've folded origami since I was a kid & they make for fun little projects :)

    Also, spread the word about Earth Day & the 3 R's via social networks. The world is so much smaller now & it's much easier to get the word around these days :)


    I think the very BEST way to celebrate Earth Day is by planting something- start seeds for your vegetable garden, fill containers with flowers, plant a small grove of trees--anything!


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  15. My idea for Earth Day is to start thinking about the full impact of everything we consume -- from the raw materials that were extracted from the ground, to the loss of natural habitats, to the waste produced when we finish with it. I think if people really thought about what they were supporting when they bought a cheap shirt (child labor, pesticide run-off, excess water usage, etc) or took a plastic bag (unrenewable oil, wasted resources, never biodegrades, ends up in oceans), they would end up making more humane & sustainable choices for everything in their lives.

    For Earth Day, I did not buy anything, went vegan for the day, unplugged all unused appliances before leaving for work, and cut my shower short.

  16. Congrats to Jessica for winning the GC ... thank you all for your AWESOME entries! Cheale