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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Green Moving? Cheaper, Greener, Only Way to Move!

Moving is a recent green dilemma I had the last few week, this is one reason I have been missing in action on the blog. From the point of putting the contract in on the house, it was green strategy time. Conveniences win when we don't plan ahead, so be green and plan ahead. Aside from reusing the non-eco-friendly stuff, here are some ways I found to green up my move:

Donate It: The weeks leading up to the move we really dug through everything to sort out the things we didn't really need anymore; gave it all the Goodwill or friends. Other options for your unused stuff:
  • Women's Shelter
  • Goodwill or Salvation Army ... Find your local branch here
  • Freecycling (online way to give stuff you don’t want to people who do)
  • People from your community, church or friends could use some our items
  • Have a yard sale
Pack It: If you are like me you don't have many boxes and packing materials laying around to reuse. Here are options to stay green while packing:
  • Ask your moving company if they have used boxes and packing materials for you to reuse
  • If you buy boxes, make sure they are made from recycled materials
  • Purchase some reusable plastic containers, I got these for my fragiles for extra protection, so now I have some awesome containers I can reuse items I am storing
  • Places like Sam's Club and Costco have boxes and packing materials in the front that are being recycled that you can take for your own use
  • I grew up in the restaurant business, I have to say they get the best boxes ever (especially tomato boxes); ask a restaurant is you can have their boxes they are tossing anyways
  • I found all of these around the house that I had to take with me anyways, might as well put them to good use:
    • Towels
    • Blankets or sheets
    • Rags
    • Clothes
    • Reusable shopping bags
    • Paper shopping bags
    • Yoga or exercise mats
  • Old egg cartons; I have these saved for my daughter's craft projects, but I have to say they made some great packing materials to secure certain items
  • Use old newspapers instead of foam peanuts or bubble wrap (unless you have materials to reuse of course); newspapers protect even your fragile items divinely
  • If you use bubble wrap, check out this article for ways to continue to reuse it: 9 Reuses for Bubble Wrap
Clean It: Whether you’re cleaning out the old place or cleaning up your new one, use green cleaners: Not only are they better for your health and the health of the planet, they‘re less expensive than conventional chemical-laden cleaners–and they work just as well or better.

All in all, like all methods of being green have saved me money, forced me to plan ahead, gave me plenty of opportunity to be creative ... all things I love! What ways have you found to be green in a move or even with shipping items?

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