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Monday, March 29, 2010

Green Plus?

Through the changes I have been going through the last couple months to be more green (future posts I will get in more detail). There are so many benefits that have shown themselves so unexpectedly:

+ leading a more Godly life
+ more quality time with my family
+ healthier eating
+ weight loss
+ more physical endurance and stamina
+ saving money

Those are the most obvious ones, all things I think most people strive to achieve; I know I do. I have to admit I was very surprised how quickly those benefits became apparent. The main focus I have had from the beginning was finding way to use less and reuse more. Through this focus it was so much easier to figure out what changes were the most obvious. Then my eyes were opened, I was shocked at my dependency on conveniences, didn't expect that to be on my list of vices. *laughs*

When you map out the conveniences to how it can affect the earth, our family, and our neighbors you see clearly the damage it is doing. It is amazing how all of those conveniences we buy, take for granted and further seek out cause so much of the environmental issues we have. When you start eliminating them you realize that is such a huge chunk of what is destroying our earth, dividing our families, ultimately making us walk further away from what God wants for us, and walking away from Him. Are the conveniences worth it?

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